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Information makes decisions

In a changing world, our information is indispensable

S&p Global China Seminar:
Seize opportunities in an uncertain world economy

S&p Global invites you to attend our first S&P Global China Seminar on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 in Beijing。

The theme of this conference is the uncertainty of the global economic environment and the opportunities and challenges it brings to the Chinese economy: With the steady growth of the economy, the Chinese bond market has become the second largest market in the world, supported by the stable financial situation and the government's support for the development of the onshore capital market。From this point forward, 2020 will be even more exciting。

Earlier this year, AS the first wholly foreign-owned credit rating agency to be formally allowed to operate in China's onshore bond market, S&P issued its first rating on a domestic Chinese entity。To enhance ratings efforts, the S&P Global China Seminar brings together financial and technology industry leaders to discuss unique business opportunities in this environment。

The one-day conference will include keynote speeches, panel discussions and breakout sessions。There will be valuable networking opportunities throughout the day。

Register now to reserve a seat。This exclusive seminar is free and seats are limited, so we recommend you register early。All speeches are in Chinese。

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Objective opinion is essential in assessing risk and potential performance

S&p Global Ratings' credit ratings are forward-looking views about creditworthiness - the ability and willingness of issuers such as companies or governments to pay their debts in full and on time。Investors and other market participants use our ratings as a reference when making investment decisions to help them match the relative credit risk of their debt with their risk tolerance。Our credit ratings, research and insights support the development and transparency of capital markets, helping market participants and investors make informed, informed decisions。

Registration documents of credit rating agencies in China inter-bank bond market

We always need to know the "why" -- perhaps this is what makes our research the best in the industry。

Every day, our professional researchers collect, analyze and connect vast amounts of industry data, and this is just the first step。We're always thinking, how do we go further and understand what's behind each numberwhy

Our research is of unmatched breadth and depth。

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Only with the help of reliable benchmarks can the market be clearly understood

Businesses, governments and individuals use our iconic benchmarks for a variety of purposes, from assessing security performance and investment performance to measuring real-time prices in the marketplace。We help decision makers better understand key events, movements and transactions in different markets and industries to determine superior alternatives。We offer more than100A 10,000-item price benchmark and index。

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What is the basis of strong decision making?It's powerful data and analysis。

With access to millions of sources of information, our data and analytics experts provide global business leaders with powerful analytics solutions to help them make decisions, increase revenue and manage risk。As the global situation grows more complex, so does the need for correct data and meaningful analysis。So we decided to find the information join points and quickly pinpoint the most important information。

Data and Analysis

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